wCMF  3.6
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Howto Start

The directory blank of the framework contains an application template, which can be used as entry point for the development of customized applications.
Please follow these steps for building your own application:

  1. Copy the directory named blank to the directory ../application

  2. Create a database (e.g. wcmf)

  3. Define your wCMF application model and create the application using wCMFGenerator
    3.a Define your datamodel via PersistenceMapper classes and sql table definitions (see Definition of the data model)

    3.b Modify config.ini to use your datamodel

  4. Execute the sql script /application/install/tables.sql to install the wCMF base tables

  5. Change passwords in table user (for password encryption use /wcmf/tools/password/passowrd.php)

  6. Create your data tables

  7. Modify config.ini in /application/include to use your database

  8. Protect your /application/include directory by using a .htaccess file

  9. Make sure you have activated JavaScript in your browser

  10. Run the script install.php in the directory /application/install/ to initialize the application

  11. Point your browser to /application/main.php and log into the application using admin/admin (or other if you changed it)

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